Friday, March 23, 2007

Things I think caterers/reception sites should know:

-Vegetarians do not always only like eating pasta. Doing a pasta dish as the only vegetarian option is a cop out and is just plain lazy.

-Does anyone offer a non-specially requested vegan dish? Is it that difficult to make something without cheese, butter, egg and meat?

-Charging $65.00-$125.00 per plate on top of a room rental fee is excessive.

-It is imperitave that I know up front if you have space available for particular dates I've indicated. Do not send me a proposal if you do not have availability for my dates. It wastes my time and it wastes yours.

-Consider the suggestions of your client. If a specific theme or cuisine is suggested or requested, please follow those parameters. (e.g. If I request a Mediterranean themed menu do not suggest spring rolls as an hors d'ouevre)

-Food and beverage minimums are a racket. If small parties are not as profitable either A.) Do not offer services under a certain number of guests or B.) Create smaller event rooms to cater to smaller groups so more than one could be hosted at a time.

-I am not being stingy if I do not want to pay more than 6,000.00 for a reception for 65 people.

-People have food allergies. Just because they have food allergies doesn't mean they don't like to eat things with flavor and substance.

-If I tell you that my old school Italian father in law to be won't like sweet potato gnocchi, do not suggest pumpkin ravoli as an alternative.

-Why don't more people do things with polenta? Please, offer me a creative polenta dish!

-Charging me a cake cutting fee for bringing my own cupcakes as a wedding cake is asinine and ludicrous.


KleoPatra said...

I like the list! Very nicely put, all of it.

bazu said...

Ugh. My wedding wasn't formally planned, so I didn't have to deal with reception halls and caterers. This sounds like a nightmare! I hope you find what you need, and that they stop being asinine!!

Melody Polakow said...

Very good list.

I wish I was a caterer.. I'd do your wedding... but I'm not.

I hope you find the perfect person...