Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanted: Veg*n Wedding

Those two items rarely go together, right? So yeah. I'm a vegetarian, mostly vegan (I use a product with beeswax in it, so I won't really call myself vegan). I don't eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs and anything derived from such. I own old leather and I don't plan on buying anything new. I don't own silk, nor do I want any.

If that weren't enough, I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a wedding. I don't. I would much rather put money towards something tangible like real estate.

Call me crazy.

So, I'm blogging about my experiences to help some of you out there and to hopefully get some help and suggestions from others!

Things I think caterers/reception sites should know:

-Vegetarians do not always only like eating pasta. Doing a pasta dish as the only vegetarian option is a cop out and is just plain lazy.

-Does anyone offer a non-specially requested vegan dish? Is it that difficult to make something without cheese, butter, egg and meat?

-Charging $65.00-$125.00 per plate on top of a room rental fee is excessive.

-It is imperitave that I know up front if you have space available for particular dates I've indicated. Do not send me a proposal if you do not have availability for my dates. It wastes my time and it wastes yours.

-Consider the suggestions of your client. If a specific theme or cuisine is suggested or requested, please follow those parameters. (e.g. If I request a Mediterranean themed menu do not suggest spring rolls as an hors d'ouevre)

-Food and beverage minimums are a racket. If small parties are not as profitable either A.) Do not offer services under a certain number of guests or B.) Create smaller event rooms to cater to smaller groups so more than one could be hosted at a time.

-I am not being stingy if I do not want to pay more than 6,000.00 for a reception for 65 people.

-People have food allergies. Just because they have food allergies doesn't mean they don't like to eat things with flavor and substance.

-If I tell you that my old school Italian father in law to be won't like sweet potato gnocchi, do not suggest pumpkin ravoli as an alternative.

-Why don't more people do things with polenta? Please, offer me a creative polenta dish!

-Charging me a cake cutting fee for bringing my own cupcakes as a wedding cake is asinine and ludicrous.